Field Logic GlenDel Buck Target with Vital Insert
Field Logic GlenDel Buck Target with Vital Insert

Field Logic GlenDel Buck Target with Vital Insert

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If you are going to hunt big bucks, practice on a big buck. The GlenDel Buck is one big 3-D target. It will prepare you for a shot at a trophy buck.

The GlenDel Buck features a super-sized, four sided insert that is much bigger then the inserts in other 3-D targets. The GlenDel Buck insert features PolyFusion Technology, the same revolutionary technology found in the BLOCK Fusion. PolyFusion is a process whereby two materials, polyurethane and polyethylene, are fused together to enhance insert performance. The GlenDel insert with PolyFusion lasts twice as long as previous inserts and offers easy arrow removal. In fact, arrow removal from a GlenDel insert is considerably easier than from other 3-D targets.

The GlenDel insert also offers four-sided shooting. By rotating the insert within the body of the target, you essentially get four inserts in one. Each side features a different vitals facing and the vitals areas are offset or staggered so you are shooting into different areas of foam. This assures long lasting durability.

The GlenDel Buck is designed to take any tip, including field tips, broadheads or expandables. This allows you to practice all year long on your GlenDel target.

Of course, once you've used up a GlenDel insert, replacement inserts are available.

A GlenDel Buck stands a full 34 inches high at the shoulders, is the size of a 200 pound live weight deer and sports antlers that measure 150 inches Pope & Young. The head on a GlenDel Buck swivels so you can face it in any direction. And the target features engraved, lifelike hair for added realism.

The GlenDel Buck is the ultimate 3-D archery target. If you are a bowhunter who hunts trophy bucks, the GlenDel Buck is the 3-D target for you!