ScentBlocker S3T Midweight Sock
ScentBlocker S3T Midweight Sock

ScentBlocker S3T Midweight Sock

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When it comes to hunting, a hunter's foot needs to be dry and comfortable. The Mid-Weight sock is constructed of a multiple density knit to bring you optimum cushioning, moisture control and a comprehensive fit. A great sock for when the temperatures are not freezing or hot.

* SPF 15
* S3T antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* 4 Direction StretchT comfort
* 50% Silver, 25% Modal, 15% Polyamide, 10% Lycra
* Constructed of multiple density knit in order to provide three important elements:
- Optimum cushioning
- Moisture control
- Comprehensive fit
* Extra flat seams to eliminate bothersome ridges that can hurt toes
* Inner layer of Modal fibers provides extreme softness, freshness and comfort
* Lycra is used throughout the sock in order to conserve it's characteristics: keep socks from falling down, no wrinkles, no abrasions, no blisters
* Polyamide outer layer provides long lasting strength and protection to the sock
* Length: Mid-Calf 10"
* Sizes: L: 9-12 - XL: 13-15
* Color: Light Grey