Knight & Hale Rack Blaster Deer Call
Knight & Hale Rack Blaster Deer Call

Knight & Hale Rack Blaster Deer Call

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The Rack BlasterT produces all deer sounds with volume and realism that blows away other calls. The revolutionary new Blasting Chamberr barrel design is the key ingredient to the Rack Blasters'T technology enhanced performance. The Rack BlasterT is able to produce maximum volume and super-realistic sounds. Social grunts, tending grunts, aggravated and even growling grunts are made by exhaling into the Blasting Chamberr while lusty Estrous doe bleats and lost contact bleats are readily available by simply inhaling on the call. It has a semi-flexible construction material and ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the hand.

* New Blasting Chamberr design, new tone board design for extra volume and realism
* Inhale/exhale for grunts, hyper grunts and doe bleats, flexible body for greater control and less noise
* Includes moisture resistant reed material that won't freeze up and a retractable lanyard
* Included feature length DVD with hunts and calling tips